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The stainless steel Fitting includes all joint’s products made of stainless steel, which connect parts of pipes, in order to easily allow the inspection and the maintenance ...
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The stainless steel flanges are some of the most used elements in the joint of pipes in the plants, allowing an easy assembly and dismantling of equipment ...
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The stainless steel butterfly valve is one of the most used valves in the food-, enological, pharmaceutical and chemical sector, thanks to the reasonable size and ease ...
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Manholes and Manwaydoors include all closing systems, which can be located in the tanks, allowing their inspection, their load and their total or partial emptying.
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The weld Fitting includes all those products made of stainless steel, which are the result of a manufacturing of pipes or metal sheets, which are welded, bended ...
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The cooling plate (which is also known as ‘platcold plate’, or ‘plate for wine’) is particularly suitable to the conditioning of the product’s temperature in its liquid ...
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We are a leader company specialized in the production of components made of stainless steel. Indeed, we deal with the whole manufacturing of this material: from the turning, welding, to the cutting and finishing, concluding with the brushing. In this way, we offer a complete service to our customers, accommodating their requests and suppling OEM parts.


We committed to selecting the items in order to guarantee to our customers a suitable product to the standards of quality and traceability, which are essential to work with safety and compliance nowadays.


We supply products’ typologies made of stainless steel, that can be used by many factories’ and plants’ typologies. Especially we deal with food-, enological (wine field), chemical, pharmaceutical and biotech application sector.

Gieffe Meccanica Srl is full-fledged a MOCA company, due to the fact that it has fulfilled all communication’s requirements to the local health service in charge, and respects all rules in terms of trackable material.

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